This page is soon being revised since Femmis decided to welcome parents, not only mothers, in our organisation.

FEMMIS is a Swedish association for single mothers by choice through insemination/IVF (Frivilligt Ensamstående Mammor Med Insemination/IVF). The association was founded in 2005, by a small group of women and was then only a mailing-list. Today it consists of almost 800 women in different stages of the process of becoming a mother, from those who are just considering the option, to mothers with one or more children. The members are spread across the whole of Sweden, as well as a few in the other Nordic countries, however most are concentrated in the major Swedish cities; Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. The association also includes more then 400 children; the oldest at the moment was born in 2002.


The most important objective of Femmis is to function as a network; to enable new friendships and to provide support and information to both women and children. The association has two websites; one external and one internal. The external public one provides general information about the association and gives instructions on how to join it. On the internal site members can present themselves on their own page, get information about meetings and news, and share experiences with other members in an active discussion-forum. Meetings in real life are arranged in many cities, mostly in the major ones. But as the association is growing, members in smaller cities are also starting to get together. Every summer a number of camps are organised in different locations. The camps are very popular and give the families a nice chance to get to know each other and spend time together in lovely surroundings.

Femmis has been and continues to be very engaged in the process of changing the Swedish legislation regarding assisted reproduction for single women. Until 1 april 2016, it hasn’t been possible for single women to get this treatment in Sweden, which means that we have had to travel abroad. Since 2001 we have lobbied politicians, written debate articles in newspapers, and made our families visible in different media.

In our aim to prevent prejudice and spread information about our way of becoming families Femmis is producing information material to relatives and friends, and different kinds of authorities; health care and social services, daycare and schools for example. Femmis strives to keep up to date with the latest research findings about our form of families, and members also take part in research studies.

The women in our association all have their own story, different life situation and background. Common for all of us is our deep longing to be a parent. For various reasons we have chosen to try to become single mothers through assisted reproduction, and some have succeeded. This way to parenthood requires a lot of reflection, planning and preparation. Then the life as a single mother leads to endless things to worry about and rejoice in. To share all this with others in the same situation is invaluable!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.